In the years I ran a brick & mortar retail futon store it always surprised me when a customer would say "Loveseat futons? Really? The guy at the Other Store told me those don't exist." That's pure nonsense and goes to show that it pays to buy futons from someone who knows what the heck they're talking about. Like the King Of Futons.

The loveseat size has been available in the World of Futons for years, but most stores don't even know how they work, let alone how to present them, and they just choose to pretend they don't exist and spread lies and misinformation to you, our beloved customer. Loveseats are a great way to compliment your futon sofa setup or to fit in a sleepable futon in a room or area that is, shall we say, spatially challenged.

The Basics

The way loveseats work is essentially like this: imagine a full size futon sofa. Now, pick up the mattress (in your mind), turn it 90 degrees, plop it down, shorten the futon frame, and add an ottoman/footstool in front of the frame. Then, make a slice in your mattress (again, in your mind), taper it off, and voila you've got a loveseat and ottoman futon! Nice job!

Futon loveseats allow you to get the same sleeping surface as their sofa counterparts in a different, more compact configuration. You have a chair portion and an ottoman/footstool portion. Some people choose to leave the ottoman out all the time, some people choose to stow it away somewhere, only to be used when guests are sleeping over. Futon loveseats are 2-seaters when they're upright as a couch, and when they're flat as a bed, you sleep with the arms of the frame (assuming you have arms on your frame, most futons do) to your sides versus at your head and feet on a sofa style futon. This is particularly awesome for taller folks who might otherwise feel confined or boxed in by the arms of a sofa style.

"What?!" you say. "How is that possible?" Take a look at the following 2 sketches. The sketch on the left shows a Full size futon sofa open as a bed. The vantage point is from the top. The sketch on the right shows a Full size Loveseat & Ottoman futon open as a bed, same vantage point.

Full size futon sofa mattress as bed                Full Loveseat & Ottoman futon mattress

The combined dimensions of the Full size Loveseat & Ottoman are the exact same dimensions as the Full size sofa. It's just math: 54 + 21 = 75. Now you should be saying, "Oh....I get it. Cool." That's right. It is cool.

Almost every futon frame we carry is available in a Loveseat & Ottoman size. In fact, there are technically 3 different Loveseat & Ottoman sizes: Queen, Full and Twin, and they all correspond to the same sizes in sofas or beds (Queen: 80" x 60", Full: 75" x 54", Twin: 75" x 39"). Strata Furniture offers Queen, Full, and Twin Loveseats while Night & Day Furniture offers just the Full and Twin Loveseats. Not all frames are available in all sizes, make sure to check the product page of the frame you want to buy for full details.

The Difference Between Loveseat and Loveseat Lounger

Another major difference between Strata and Night & Day are how their loveseats look and operate. It is important to know the differences and way the pros and cons you may have about those in choosing the right Loveseat for you.

Strata Furniture sells their Loveseats with a separate stand alone ottoman/footstool which can be moved around and the legs fold under for easier storage if you want to hide it away when you're not using it. Or, a lot of people (including the King Of Futons) will use that separate ottoman as a sort of sitting bench somewhere in your home. It's a really nice feature and function if you have the space to use it. Basically, with Strata Loveseats, there is a chair frame and a separate ottoman frame. Therefore, Strata Loveseats almost exclusively have to utilize a 2-piece mattress set (which also means you'll need a 2-piece cover set). Here's a picture of a Strata Loveseat & Ottoman:

Strata Durango futon frame Loveseat & Ottoman

Night & Day Furniture has what they call Loveseat Loungers. The Lounger has an ottoman extension piece that nestles into the seat deck frame work of the chair portion. It is not a separate stand alone ottoman and cannot be used as such. The extension piece has 2 support legs that fold out when you pull out the ottoman for use. When not in use, you'll have to find somewhere to store the ottoman mattress piece. Sometimes you can fit it right behind the frame as there's usually just enough angled space back there for an ottoman, but be aware that certain environments and conditions can cause that area to become a dust and fur magnet, and you don't want to have to vacuum your ottoman every time you want to use it. Some customers have used a 1-piece futon mattress on Night & Day's Loungers but you really need to have the right setting for that otherwise, aesthetically, you're left with a kind of frumpy, saggy looking thing in your room because the mattress is always dangling there. In sun rooms this 1-piece configuration is great as it almost becomes a giant lounge chair, but for most rooms it is awkward looking and difficult to maneuver. Plus you're basically climbing on to the Loveseat to get seated which wears out the cover and mattress more. The King Of Futons professionally recommends using a 2-piece mattress set up with any Loveseat regardless of size or manufacturer. Here's a few pictures of a Night & Day Loveseat Lounger:

Night & Day Loveseat Lounger futon                    Night & Day Loveseat Lounger flat as bed

And here's a  picture of the Night & Day Lounger with the 1-piece mattress situation in which you can see the floppy saggy effect we're talking about:

Night & Day Loveseat Lounger 1-Piece flop

Perceived Problems Vs. Reality

Whenever customers are considering purchasing a Loveseat size futon, the #1 all time question that comes up is "How do you keep that footstool piece from sliding around? Won't it get kicked off when you're sleeping?" and I kid you not, I have never, never, ever, ever got that complaint from someone who bought a Loveseat ever. I'm serious, I know it may seem like "how is that possible?" but in the over 12 years of selling futons, I've never once got that feedback. It really comes down to physics and biology. Our good friend gravity is working on our side to help keep that mattress in place, and the spot at which the bend in our knees has evolved to is just about the spot where the 2 mattress pieces meet. It's almost engineered to be at the most logical place.

There are a few things you can do in addition to combat the possibility of the flying futon. 1. Use a fitted sheet when sleeping to encapsulate both pieces, and 2. Use some nifty rubber futon gripper. You can buy that here at King Of Futons if you want.

Another misconception some people have is the pricing of Loveseats. They think, "How come it costs more even though it's smaller?" Good question. First of all, it is not smaller, it is configured differently. Remember, a Full size Loveseat & Ottoman has the exact same sleeping dimensions as its Full size sofa counterpart. Second, there are more pieces involved, more wood, more screws, more materials, etc., which means more labor, which (thankfully, still) means more cost. Third, because you are using a 2-piece mattress, that means you'll need a 2-piece cover set, which, as I just explained, means more materials, more labor, etc., which affect the final cost. But it's not that cost prohibitive, and when you compare futons to traditional sofas and sofa-sleepers and those sorts of things, the price to quality ratio is definitely in favor of the futon, oh yea!

A few final thoughts on loving your Loveseats. The King Of Futons likes Strata's Loveseats a little more than Night & Day's because from our experience, Strata's Loveseats are easier to operate and convert because of their design and because you can move that ottoman out of the way. We feel that Strata's Loveseats, particularly the stand alone ottoman feature, hold up better over time, especially with frequent usage. Plus, you  get that cool extra sitting bench to go with it. Not that Night & Day's Loungers are bad --remember, at the King Of Futons we sell No Junk, Just Quality-- it's just based on our years of experience that they can be a little more cumbersome to use, and you have to do more routine maintenance especially tightening the bolts that connect the ottoman extension swing down support legs. You'll want to keep your allen wrench handy for that as you may need to tighten it every other time you use it.

Some mattresses are unavailable in Loveseat sizes, particularly the Queen Loveseat & Ottoman offered by Strata. Most futon cover companies are going to consider the Queen and the Twin Loveseat & Ottoman size a "custom" size and, therefore, charge more money for those sizes.

But all in all, the futon Loveseat is a vital size that offers an alternative to the large couch styles and can really complete the decor and functionality of your living space. If anyone ever tells you "there's no such thing as a futon loveseat" turn and walk or run away as fast as you can. You can trust the King Of Futons and it's always best to buy from someone who knows what the heck they're talking about.

Please oh please oh please contact us if you have any questions before ordering your lovely Loveseat.