Fair Trade Organic Wool & Cotton Bedding

Since 1992, Sleep & Beyond has been a world leader in supplying Fair Trade Certified Organic Wool and Cotton premium bedding and sleep products to customers who want something natural, safe and non-toxic. Nowadays it's so easy to just slap an "All Natural" label on a package and pass it off as legit, but Sleep & Beyond actually takes the steps to get certified by the world's leading authorities under stringent, specific conditions. They lead by example and ensure that what they create is Fair Trade and sustainably produced to benefit everyone from worker, to customer, to the planet we share.


They offer luxurious organic & natural wool and cotton comforters, mattress pads & toppers, bedsheets, and more. Choose from washable Shropshire wool (YES we said washable) or Certified USDA Organic Merino wool. They use OEKO-TEX certified cotton and Global Organic Textile Standard Certified Organic cotton in their products.


Sleep & Beyond products are ideal for infants, children, and anyone suffering from severe allergies or chemical sensitivities because they're made without carcinogenic chemicals and other harmful substances.


Find out more about Sleep & Beyond at their website sleepandbeyond.com