Grip Strip Futon Gripper

My futon keeps slipping, is there anything I can do? That's one of the all time dilemmas in the World of Futons and we have got the solution right here, folks. The amazing Grip Strip Futon Gripper is all you need to keep your mattress in place on the frame where it belongs. Made of adhesive backed foam, these strips stick to your futon frame and magically keep your mattress in place. OK, it's not magic but the friction caused from the foam resisting the movement of the mattress is what makes these work. These are the BEST futon grippers around. They really work! Sold as a pair of strips, you use 1 for the Back Deck portion of your frame and 1 for the Seat Deck portion. Stick them directly to the wood slats of each deck as close to the outer-facing edge as possible (see picture for example). Make sure to press them firmly onto the wood or else you'll run the risk of these rolling up and tearing themselves. Once set in place, you'll be rid of the flopsy futon phenomenon for years to come. Isn't that amazing!

These are practically a requirement if you buy any Otis made futon --they're oh so super mega over-stuffed-- and are really necessary for any futon you buy from us in order to prevent the dreaded slippy-dippy flopsy futon.

Works on any size futon frame, even chairs and loveseats! Special installation instructions apply to some chair and loveseat sizes. Email us for details.

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