Preferred Futon Covers


Cotton Belle is our #1 Recommended and Preferred futon cover and fabric company. We have been in love with them since the first time we browsed their samples. Everything they have is premium quality materials that have been meticulously tested, researched and examined before being added to their repertoire. Hand made in Belle, MO by a women owned small business, Cotton Belle shares the same ideals and commitment to quality, local small businesses, and sustainability that the King Of Futons has. They are experts at authenticity, so when you want a true drill, duck or chenille fabric you can trust that they have the Real Deal. They are our Preferred Choice for custom work and make all sorts of beautiful products for your home including all sorts of pillows, curtains, window treatments, outdoor furniture and more.

Even though we didn't include all of their fabrics in our Totally Awesome collection, to be honest, they all deserve to be there. We just tried to make it a little more fair and really pick our absolute favorite Cotton Belle fabrics. It's not like the other futon covers we sell aren't also really awesome, premium quality. After all, that's all we sell. BUT....there's just something extra special about Cotton Belle that keeps us coming back.