Preferred Premium Futon Frames

Whenever someone asks us "what type of futon frame would you sell your mother?" we always answer Strata Furniture. Everything they make is better, stronger, and easier to use than any other futon frame manufacturer we have ever dealt with in our 12+ years experience. They use thicker cuts of 100% solid wood, are fortified and reinforced in design, use dependable, quality hardware, and have been thoughtfully engineered to provide you with the best overall futon experience. Their patented Wall Hugger conversion mechanism allows you to keep the frame in place in the room when you need to open into a bed and makes it a breeze to convert back to sofa when you're guests finally leave.

Plus, they share a commitment to sustainable business and manufacturing processes to lessen the environmental impact they have, and that's just another reason why the King Of Futons is proud to make them our featured, preferred futon frame company.

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with any Strata futon frame you will purchase.