The Lexington futon frame from the King Of Futons #1 Recommended futon frame company, Strata Furniture, is regal in stature, traditional in appeal, and elegant in character. It's softly sloping curved top arms adorned with brass medallions are sure to lend an air of prosperity to your home. When open as a bed, the arms suggest the popular sleigh bed look without over stepping its boundaries. Simply put, the Lexington is a gorgeous, classic looking piece of furniture that will add to the warmth and richness of your living space. All of Strata's frames have earned the King Of Futons Totally Awesome label because they are built smart and strong using thick cuts of 100% solid hardwood and are the simplest futon frames to use because of the best conversion mechanism in the industry, the famous Wall Hugger. This is a luxury futon frame available in various sizes and wood tones.

Get your matching Tables. Everyone else is.

How Big Is It?


 Dimensions Listed A x B x C

  • Full Sofa 85.75" x 41" x 40"
  • Queen Sofa 91" x 41" x 40"
  • Twin Loveseat 50.25" x 41" x 40"
  • Full Loveseat 65.75" x 41" x 40"
  • Queen Loveseat 71.5" x 41" x 40"

 Dimensions Listed A x B x C


    • Twin Ottoman  39" x 21" x 17"
        • Full Ottoman  54" x 21" x 17"
            • Queen Ottoman  60" x 25.75" x 17"


            Looking For Love...SEATS? Read This:

            You can order the Loveseat & Ottoman set or just the Loveseat or just the Ottoman, but at The King Of Futons we're pretty sure you'll want the complete set, especially if you intend to use it to sleep on. When it comes to futons, we know what the heck we're talking about, plus you'll save some dough buying the set. This is important to read: You'll need a 2-piece mattress and 2-piece cover set to go with your Loveseat set. You can get away with a 1-piece mattress on some Loveseats, but there are pros and cons to that as well as some limitations. We highly recommend you read this blog about the Wonderful World of Futon Loveseats before proceeding with your order. We also highly recommend you contact us to make sure that you're clear on the concept of the Loveseat futon and that you order everything you need, mm-kay?

            What About The Warranty?

            All of Strata Furniture's futon frames are covered by a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty. The King Of Futons has years and years experience with Strata and can attest that they are the BEST company to deal with in terms of warranty issues, and they have the least amount of claims in the industry by a large margin.

            Just One More Thing:

            The pictures here are for promotional purposes and do not necessarily represent sizes, configurations, mattress or fabric choices, etc. They are to give you a general idea of color, setup, etc., and may not be 100% accurate though we do our best to try to portray them in such a fashion. Please ask us if you have any questions.


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