If ever there was a futon frame whose name perfectly described the magnificence of its design and character, the Orion would be it. This is, without any contenders, the King Of Futons absolute most favorite futon frame of all time. Everything about the Orion is perfect: the thin, horizontal slats, the wood tone, the whole flow is just spot on. There should be no doubt why we say that Strata is the King Of Futons #1 Recommended futon frame company and why all of Strata's frames earned a spot on our esteemed Totally Awesome List. The Orion is part of Strata Furniture's Signature Collection and truly embodies the reasons why we say this is the very best of the best. No other futon company offers this unique back wall concept. When open as a bed, every frame in the Signature Collection looks like a daybed. This is futon luxury at its pinnacle. The Orion is absolutely stellar in large open rooms and loft spaces that allow a 360 degree view of its glow. But we're honestly not sure where the Orion would not work. Full size sofa, Black Walnut finish only.

Get your matching Tables. Everyone else is.

How Big Is It?

The following dimensions abide by this drawing:


  • Full Sofa: (A) 80" x (B) 41" x (C) 40" (arm/side/back height is 28")

What About The Warranty?

All of Strata Furniture's futon frames are covered by a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty. The King of Futons has years and years experience with Strata and can attest that they are the BEST company to deal with in terms of warranty issues, and they have the least amount of claims in the industry by a large margin.

Just One More Thing:

The pictures here are for promotional purposes and do not necessarily represent sizes, configurations, mattress or fabric choices, etc. They are to give you a general idea of color, setup, etc., and may not be 100% accurate though we do our best to try to portray them in such a fashion. Please ask us if you have any questions.


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