Totally Awesome List

To earn a spot on the King Of Futons Totally Awesome List an item has to have a certain over-the-top amazing combination of factors including style, quality, value, ingenuity, and that certain something that just makes us absolutely LOVE it. There are lower priced futon frames on here because they're built well, are dependable, and give the proverbial most bang for the buck. You'll find absolutely gorgeous luxury pieces because they outshine others in their category. There are futons listed that we've had 1,000's of customers give exceptional feedback about. There is no one criteria. Because we only sell high quality items, the competition is demanding, and sometimes feelings get hurt. And while we're not trying to pick favorites here, because everything we sell is awesome on some level, we are totally picking favorites.

These are the best of the best. They epitomize our own definitions and standards of quality and coolness, and that's not to shy you away from other items, but it's a way to promote and honor the creative and engineering work that has been diligently put into these great products and to say "hey check this out. This is what a premium futon is supposed to be like." It is our sworn mission to take back the tarnished name of the futon and to stop the throw-away furniture mentality so pervasive in Big Mart type stores and quickee-bottom-price internet stores that could care a less about you or about quality and customer service.

We're sure you'll find something you absolutely want to have in your home in this collection, and we'd be truly honored to be a part of your world. Just don't blame us if you want to buy everything you see here!