Nilsson Medium Firm Futon



Thickness/Loft: ~8"      Best Uses: everyday sofa, occasional sleeper

Recommended Cover Depth: 6" (standard)


At the King Of Futons we know that the futon mattress is the most important part of your overall futon experience. It really pays to have a good quality mattress that won't flatten out or bottom out on you right away. That's why even the mattress we refer to as "Better" is far superior to any basic or standard futon you'll find at the Other Guys store or from Big Mart type places. They don't care about how you feel, how you sleep, or what your guests think about you. They just want a quick sale and off you go.

Through our decade of hands-on experience running a brick & mortar retail store, we have thoroughly tested the products we sell and have selected only the best of the best. You can buy with confidence from someone who knows what the heck they're talking about. No Junk. Just Quality.

The Nilsson mattress is made with high grade, resilient cotton/poly fibers with a dual layer of 2" high density foam. It has about an 8" loft and is Medium Firm. This is great for futons in spare bedrooms or basements that will have occasional use as a sleeper. We do not recommend this mattress for everyday sleeping as it does not maintain the same integrity of other mattresses we sell. But don't get us wrong, this is still a really nice futon that many people say has a "memory foam feel" to it. It's one of our best selling futons because its not too thin, not too thick, not too firm. Backed by a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Manufacturer product ID: USF-3

Product Dimensions:

  • Chair: 28" x 54"
  • Ottoman: 28" x 21"
  • Twin Loveseat: 39" x 54"
  • Twin Ottoman: 39" x 21"
  • Full Loveseat: 54" x 54"
  • Full Ottoman: 54" x 21"
  • Full: 54" x 75"
  • Queen: 60" x 80"

Hey You, Read This:

All of the futons we sell at the King Of Futons are made in a natural color fabric and are meant to be used with a futon cover. This gives you many advantages over just having a futon in black or navy or whatever. Also, the dimensions listed are not always 100% exact because of the malleable nature of futons and natural materials. Just because your measurement at home is 1/2" less than what we printed here does not mean something is wrong. At the King Of Futons we sell our mattresses based on their comfort & quality, not their precise measurements. Please oh please read this blog about futon mattresses to learn more.

What If I Don't Like It?

This is very important: Wolf futon mattresses are non-returnable, no exceptions. They are mega-compacted, rolled, and sealed in boxes and require at least 48 hours to fully decompress once opened. If they arrive with visible damage, DO NOT REFUSE the shipment. We know this sucks, but sometimes damage occurs in transportation and shipping. We're terribly sorry for that, but we will take care of you. You'll need to take pictures of the damage and then contact us within 48 hours so that we can process the claim and get you a new mattress ASAP. You will NOT get a refund. Failure to follow these instructions may result in several service fees and return shipping charges. Please, do not return/refuse the shipment. Just don't do it.

Just One More Thing:

All pictures and images shown here are for promotional & explanatory purposes only. The colors, shapes, curves, etc. are not necessarily exactly how the product looks and variances may occur. We do our best to inform you with as much as accuracy as possible but are not responsible for differences. The King Of Futons holds no responsibility or liability for discrepancies in product descriptions or portrayals or for any unknown changes of product made by the manufacturer.

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