Looking for Quality? Sick of Finding Junk?

Thank you for visiting King Of Futons where all you'll find here is high quality futons and home furnishings. The King has over a decade of professional experience in the specialty furniture retail industry and has learned the difference between a truly well made futon and a cheap, throw away piece of junk. The name "futon" has been tarnished due to the over saturation of poorly made, uncomfortable, disposable furniture items sold at nearly every Big Mart type store in which they print the word "futon" on a box.


It is our mission to feature high quality, comfortable futons that you'll actually want to sit and sleep on and which you'll have in your home for years to come. You won't be ashamed to have guests and family spend the night. You can rest assured that the King has personally tested all of the items you will buy here to ensure their quality and comfort, with a commitment to offer products made in a sustainable method so that we can act together to have a positive impact on our world. Let's redefine and reclaim what a futon truly can be.


The King of Futons. No Junk. Just Quality.