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Here you'll find an assortment of informational and perhaps even entertaining bits of information related to futons, online shopping, what to expect from shipping, how we think our customers are the Best Thing Ever, and whatever else we feel like putting out there, you know?
All about us, your good pals the King Of Futons.
Editorial commentary about futon mattresses from someone who knows what the heck they're talking about.
What you need to know, expect, and accept about online shopping and shipping.
Information about Eco Furniture from our good pals, and favorite futon frame manufacturer, Strata Furniture.
All about the wonderful lovely luxurious all natural Fair Trade bedding from Sleep & Beyond.
Check out our blog. Great advice, insider tips, and no schmoozy sales crap.
Returns, Privacy, and Terms of Service. All that fun legalese that tells you all the official rules and terms and what not about shopping at King Of Futons. An informed customer is a Totally Awesome customer.