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There's a lot of crappy futon covers out there. Things made quick from China with poor sewing from thin, weird smelling fabrics that rip and tear and won't fit right. You can walk into some Home Mart type stores now and find a box of "futon covers" tossed next to a frumpy display of a dreadful click-clack sofa. And you can certainly find page after page of websites listing all these different types of covers and they're just cut and pasted from a spreadsheet and they have know idea of what they're even selling.

The King Of Futons has 14+ years of professional experience running a brick and mortar retail location. We have hands on knowledge of the products we sell. We can tell you if we think a certain pattern or color will go well with a wood tone or room decor because we know what the heck we're talking about. Want to know if something's soft and velvety or flat and coarse? We can answer that. We've carefully selected only certain manufacturers and suppliers that we know pass the tests of integrity and quality.

Cotton Belle is our #1 Recommended and Preferred futon cover and fabric company. We have been in love with them since the first time we browsed their samples. Everything they have is premium quality materials that have been meticulously tested, researched and examined before being added to their repertoire. Hand made in Belle, MO by a women owned small business, Cotton Belle shares the same ideals and commitment to quality, local small businesses, and sustainability that the King Of Futons has. They are experts at authenticity, so when you want a true drill, duck or chenille fabric you can trust that they have the Real Deal. They are our Preferred Choice for custom work and make all sorts of beautiful products for your home including all sorts of pillows, curtains, window treatments, outdoor furniture and more.


Lifestyle Covers is one of our dearest old business companions who've been making high quality futon covers, pillows and more for decades. Everything is sewn in the USA by American workers and the craftsmanship is backed by their warranty. You can have pillows made, buy the fabric by the yard, have piping added, and more. Special orders and custom sizes are no biggee, they can do those as well. When you have a partner so experienced and willing to go out of their way for their customers as Lifestyle Covers does, it's a pleasure to sell their goods.

Enjoy browsing their fabrics to find the perfect cover for you, and let us know if you need any help.