Metro (Strata Furniture)

The Metro is now, its cool, its hip. The modern styling and sleek arm means this frame won't eat up a bunch of your room space but will still make a statement to the decor surrounding it. "Just try not to check me out," it thinks, with a smirky grin. Because its made by the King Of Futons #1 Recommended futon frame company, Strata Furniture, it has all the durability, quality craftsmanship and dependability that you should expect and deserve. As with all Strata frames, transitioning from sofa to bed to sofa again is smooth and simple thanks to the easiest conversion mechanism in the industry, the famous Wall Hugger. Just one of the many reasons why Strata is the only futon frame company we deal with that has all of their frames on our esteemed Totally Awesome List. This is a luxury futon frame made of 100% solid hardwood available in Full or Queen sofa (sorry, dude, no loveseats...) in a cool Painted Black finish.

There are several really crappy futons out there called "the Metro" so beware. This Metro is premium quality and seeks to reclaim the good name of the futon.


How Big Is It?


 Dimensions Listed A x B x C

  • Full Sofa 77" x 41" x 40"
  • Queen Sofa 82" x 41" x 40"
  • height of arm (floor to top of curve): 24"


What About The Warranty?

All of Strata Furniture's futon frames are covered by a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty. The King Of Futons has years and years experience with Strata and can attest that they are the BEST company to deal with in terms of warranty issues, and they have the least amount of claims in the industry by a large margin.

Just One More Thing:

The pictures here are for promotional purposes and do not necessarily represent sizes, configurations, mattress or fabric choices, etc. They are to give you a general idea of color, setup, etc., and may not be 100% accurate though we do our best to try to portray them in such a fashion. Please ask us if you have any questions.


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