Night & Day Futon Drawers

Drawers are such a great idea for futons it's a no-brainer to add them to your order. Made from solid wood and stained to match the wood tone of your Night & Day futon frame, drawers generally come in pairs and they're essentially little boxes on wheels that roll under the frame. They are not attached to the frame so you don't have to worry about accidentally kicking them and bending the tracking out of place. You can fit quite a bit in these including: board games, books, blankets, sheets, even a pillow! Plus they look way nicer than translucent blue plastic bins.
These drawers are designed to work with Night & Day futon frames and are not necessarily meant to go with frames from other manufacturers. The King Of Futons does not guarantee or even suggest that these will work with any other frame except for Night & Day frames so don't go ordering them thinking they'll definitely work on your whatever frame only to find, after you've opened the box and assembled the drawers, that they don't and then you're stuck with them, pal.

Hey You, Read This:

Drawers are sold as pairs (that's 2...duh) except for the Chair size which is just 1, and which is only available in the Premium series of futon frames by Night & Day. The Premium Collection have drawers available for Full & Queen sofa and the Chair. All the rest of the Night & Day frames have drawers available only for the Full & Queen sofa.
It is very important that you select the correct size and color to match your futon frame. Make sure to double check that the name of the color of the drawers is the exact same name of the color of the frame you're buying, though we have seen some really cool and funky 2-tone configurations from customers who get a Cherry finish frame and add Chocolate drawers, for example. That's pretty cool, actually. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about ordering the right drawers.

Just One More Thing:

The pictures here are for promotional purposes and do not necessarily represent sizes, configurations, mattress or fabric choices, etc. They are to give you a general idea of color, setup, etc., and may not be 100% accurate though we do our best to try to portray them in such a fashion. For these drawers in particular, there are many color tones missing pictures (not supplied by the manufacturer) and in some cases we put a picture of just a futon frame (without drawers) so you can at least tell what the wood tone is. If you buy a Natural futon frame, and want matching Natural futon drawers, we assure you that they will absolutely positively match even if there's no picture on the interwebs to show you. Please ask us if you have any questions.

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