Don't you just hate always fishing around for your remotes when all you want to do is chill and watch something? And where are my glasses?! UGH, if I just had a pen I could fill this out. Oh oh, Mom & Dad just paid a surprise visit and your, um, stuff is out in the open. Quick --where are you gonna stash it?! Hurry! Hurry!

Relax, man. It's cool. You've got the Portofino futon frame to take care of it. Yea, baby, it's all good. You need a futon frame to help stash all your goodies? Somewhere to put those extra magazines and catalogs that clutter your life? You won't believe the ingenuity of all the storage space built into this amazing futon frame. In fact, it's earned a spot on the King Of Futons Totally Awesome list (in Full sofa only). The big thick bold arms feature magazine racks on the sides and flip top arms that reveal a hidden storage space large enough to fit pens, glasses, silverware, bananas, incense sticks, and most remote controls. When you add on some futon drawers, the Portofino becomes an unstoppable powerhouse of utility and storage. Classic mission style and soft edges make the Portofino a welcome addition to most every living space. It's true that this is one big futon, but really, what else would you even need? Simple to use and available in a variety of sizes and colors, the Portofino utilizes Night & Day's patented Bronze Shoe Fittings conversion mechanism. Made of 100% solid hardwood.

Get your matching Tables and Drawers. Everyone else is.

How Big Is It?

The following dimensions abide by this drawing:


  • Full Sofa: (A) 85" x (B) 41" x (C) 40"
  • Queen Sofa: (A) 90.5" x (B) 41" x (C) 40"
  • Full Loveseat Lounger: (A) 64" x (B) 41" x (C) 40"
  • Full Loveseat Lounger w/ottoman extension out: (A) 64" x (B) 62" x (C) 40"
  • Twin Loveseat Lounger: (A) 49" x (B) 41" x (C) 40"
  • Twin Loveseat Lounger w/ottoman extension out: (A) 49" x (B) 62" x (C) 40"
  • Chair: (A) 39" x (B) 41" x (C) 40"
  • Chair Ottoman: (A) 29.75" x (B) 21" x (C) 20.5"

You can find more detailed dimensions for Night & Day sofas & chairs here and loveseat loungers there.

Looking For Love...SEATS? Read This:

Loveseats from Night & Day are called Loveseat Loungers because they have an ottoman that's built into the frame. It is an extension piece that nestles in between the slats of the seat deck which you pull out when you're going to use the footstool and/or when using flat as a bed. The ottoman is included with the price of the Lounger frame, but you will still need additional items to add to your order to get a complete Loveseat Lounger package including a 2-piece mattress, and 2-piece cover set. Some folks leave the ottoman extension out all the time, some prefer to stow the extra mattress piece and use the extension only for sleeping. It's your choice, and it's a matter of aesthetics. You can get away with a 1-piece mattress on a Loveseat Lounger, but there are pros and cons to that as well as some limitations. We highly recommend you read this blog about the Wonderful World of Futon Loveseats before proceeding with your order. We also highly recommend you contact us to make sure that you're clear on the concept of the loveseat futon and that you order everything you need, mm-kay?

And What's This Chair Size All About?

The Chair size is one of the rarest sizes you'll find in the World of Futons nowadays, and thankfully Night & Day Furniture still offers them. They have a 28" wide mattress (sometimes referred to as a "cot" size) which is smaller than a Twin size (39"). When laid flat and paired with the Chair Ottoman you get a combined 75" x 28" sleeping surface, just barely enough for 1 person. The Chair Ottoman is a separate, stand alone ottoman NOT an extension piece like the Loungers. Chairs are great when combined with tables and a sofa to complete a room, and offer an extra place to sleep in a pinch. You'll need to purchase the Chair and Ottoman to make it sleepable, which means you'll need a 2-piece mattress and 2-piece cover set. Of course, you can purchase Chairs and Ottomans separately but you'll save some dough buying them as a set. Please, oh please, contact us with any questions about Chairs and Ottomans you may have prior to purchase.

What About The Warranty?

This Night & Day Furniture futon frame is covered by a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty. The King Of Futons has years and years experience with Night & Day and can attest that they stand behind what they sell and the warranty they offer. They are fair and seek the best possible outcome for all involved in these situations.

Just One More Thing:

The pictures here are for promotional purposes and do not necessarily represent sizes, configurations, mattress or fabric choices, etc. They are to give you a general idea of color, setup, etc., and may not be 100% accurate though we do our best to try to portray them in such a fashion. Please ask us if you have any questions.

In our professional opinion the King Of Futons recommends those customers looking for a Queen size futon frame that is going to get frequent usage consider getting a futon frame from Night & Day's Premium Collection or a frame from Strata Furniture. This is a suggestion based on years of direct professional experience with various sizes and manufacturers of futon frames.

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