The Mothership Futon

Check that thang out. Back it up, throw it in reverse, and just come on over here. That's one funky futon. Totally modern. Sleek, sexy, strong. Yea, I think that's what I need in the crib. That's going to pimp it out 360. That futon frame is made from 100% solid wood by the #1 futon frame manufacturer that The King sells. It's the Rockwell frame from Strata Furniture so you know its the best of the best. It's durable and made from thick cuts of real wood and it's super easy to get it up and down on the down stroke if you know what I'm saying. Yea, it's that patented Wall Hugger mechanism, man. It's just so good, man, it's right.

Plus you get a super Premium futon to go with it. The Houston futon by Otis is 14 inches of high quality foams and resilient blended polyester batting sealed tight into an 8 inch shell. That's a damn nice futon right there. Comfortable. Not too hard, not too soft. Man, The King ain't gonna do you no wrong.

Then you just pick out a futon cover that fits your business and we're good to go. These covers are all upholstery grade fabric so they can put up with daily use and they'll keep on making you happy day after day. Check out these sweet fabric choices:



And dig, this cool futon is on Super Special Sale right now. With FREE SHIPPING for real.

All this incredible futon setup normally sells for over a $1,100 easy. But check out what an amazing deal you can get right now on this. Hurry, though, because this is only around for a limited time. That ain't no sales pitch, this is only happening through the end of May 2015.

The Low Down Dirty Details: Super Sale is for FULL size only; NO SUBSTITUTIONS; cannot be combined with any other offer, sale, or discount code; subject to availability; items may ship separately; average order time is 7-10 business days; all pictures are for promotional purposes only and are not meant to be an exact portrayal of the actual product(s) you will buy; pillows and accessories not included. Now go and order this funky funky futon, dig?


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